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What is Aethir?

Aethir is a cloud computing infrastructure platform that revolutionizes the ownership, distribution, and utilization paradigms of enterprise-grade graphical processing units (GPUs). By moving away from traditional centralized models, Aethir has deployed a scalable and competitive framework for sharing distributed computational resources, catering to enterprise applications and clientele across various industries and regions Know More About Aethir & NodeOps Partnership

Aethir Checker Nodes Explained

A Checker Node is a fundamental component in the Aethir Network’s backend infrastructure, along with two other named Containers and Indexers. All three are, of course, intricately linked. Know More About Aethir Checker Node

How to Run Your Checker Nodes via NodeOps Console?


  • Checker Node Key License

  • EVM Wallet (We Support MetaMask, OKX Wallet, Coinbase Wallet & Many others powered by Rainbow)

  • Some $ETH on Arbitrium One for Gas Fees to perform delegation transaction


  1. Select Aethir & Node Type As Checker

  1. Connect Your Wallet Holding the Checker Nodes & Click on Fetch NFT

  1. Pay The Subscription Fees via your favorite Network & respective Token

  2. Your Order Is now been executed. Once you are directed to your NodeFolio, you must see a section mentioning Action Required

  1. Delegate your Licenses to the dedicated Burner Wallet / Address

  1. Copy The Public Key From the Above Step to Proceed to Delegate on your Aethir Dashboard

  1. Headover to, Click on Delegte & Paste the Respective Address

  1. Submit the Delegate Transaction

  2. That's It, Within 10-15 seconds, your nodes should be up and running which you can check on both NodeOps Console & the Aethir Dashboard. You Should See Something Like This

What Are The various types of Running Status?

  • Checking: Running checking tasks

  • Ready: Ready to receive checking tasks

  • Offline: Not connected

  • Banned: Banned due to malicious intents


What's the pricing to run a Checker node?


  1. What does NaaS mean in terms of node delegation?

→ NaaS stands for Node-as-a-Service. Typically, running a digital node requires specific hardware, reliable internet connectivity, and technical knowledge (Windows or Linux). With NaaS, particularly with NodeOps, you can outsource all these technical requirements. NodeOps handles hardware, node installation, and updates, and ensures 100% uptime. With just a few clicks, your node will be up and running without any technical expertise needed.

  1. Does NodeOps take some of my AETHIR rewards (i.e., vATH or ATH tokens)?

→ No, NodeOps does not take any of your rewards. You only need to pay a fixed fee for node operation or subscription. All rewards from node operations are entirely managed by you.

  1. Can I ensure 100% uptime using NodeOps as a NaaS provider?

→ Absolutely. With several years of experience in blockchain and node management, NodeOps maintains over 18,000 nodes. We offer dedicated customer support and high-spec hardware to ensure smooth node operations and 100% uptime.

  1. Why should I choose NodeOps? What other benefits do node operators get?

→ By running your node with NodeOps, you earn $NODE Points ($1 = 1 NODE), which can be redeemed later. You also gain exclusive access to future whitelist and airdrop opportunities from our partner projects.

  1. I am a complete novice and unsure how to set up my node.

→ We provide comprehensive tutorials in text and video formats to help you set up your node without issues. Additionally, our support team is available via email and our ticketing system. We also offer 1-on-1 meetings with node operators if needed.

Node Operation

  1. How do I switch from Testnet to Mainnet?

→ All testnet operations were on Arbitrum Sepolia. For Mainnet, you must redelegate your license on the Aethir Owner portal. Ensure you have some ETH on Arbitrum One to cover gas fees. We will also provide tutorials to facilitate a seamless transition from Testnet to Mainnet.

  1. I participated in the testnet using NodeOps. Does this bring any advantage?

→ Yes, testnet participants using NodeOps will receive a free 1-month extension of their subscription + NODE Points Already dropped to users

  1. Can I connect multiple wallets to have a unified way to manage my nodes?

→ Yes, you can. Sign in with the same email, connect all your wallets, and subscribe using the same email. You'll have a unified Dashboard (NodeFolio) to manage all your nodes.

  1. If I purchase additional Checker Nodes, do I need to subscribe again?

→ If you have purchased additional checker node licenses via the same wallet, you do not need to purchase additional subscriptions, if it is a different wallet, you would have to subscribe through the new wallet.

Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance!

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