NodeOps streamlines the deployment and monitoring of XAI Sentry nodes into a few simple steps. Sentry Key holders benefit from automatic upgrades and enhanced uptime with zero additional cloud subscription costs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting nodes up and running via 2 Options

Option 1 -Basic Plan

Step 1: Sign up to NodeOps

Step 2: Pay the maintenance fee

  • Select the XAI node on the dashboard

  • Connect the wallet holding Sentry Keys (If you want to purchase one, go to: https://sentry.xai.games/) Note: Use Code - "IF-GAMES" to redeem 5% Off on your Sentry Node Purchase

  • Once Sentry Keys are verified, select the number of months and process the payment

Step 3: Assign Sentry Key

Before deploying, you have to assign NodeOps as your node operator. This requires a signature verification from your wallet and you have to pay a small gas fee.

Note: While you assign NodeOps as your node operator, there won’t be any exposure to your private keys and Sentry Keys remain non-transferable.

Step 4: Deploy the XAI node & Verify if it is running

Once you have assigned a Sentry Key, you’ll be redirected to the Xai client interface given below. Click on Deploy and wait for a couple of minutes for successful deployment.

Step 5: Check node status & Logs

Your node is deployed successfully as the status changes from pending to running. You can see your balance and accrued rewards in this Xai client.

Option 2 - Premium Plan

The Basic Plan Consists of a shared Sentry Operator. Via Premium Plan, you get a Dedicated Sentry Operator thus giving much more reliability & control towards your nodes powered by NodeOps

Here is how to subscribe to the premium plan for XAI

Step 1 - Sign-In on NodeOps Console

Step 2 - Select XAI Premium, Connect your wallet holding the Sentry Keys

Step 3 - Verify the Keys

Step 4 - Subscribe via your desired plan

Here is a quick video for your reference

Notes 1. You Will Have to Ensure that your Sentry Operator Wallet Assigned always consists of sufficient balance for claiming the rewards & submitting the assertions. It is recommended to keep at least $10 worth of ETH

2. You Can Now Connect All of your multiple Wallets to A Singular Email for Better Visibility 3. For Existing users, to update from Basic to Premium, you can head over to My Plan & Upgrade to Premium

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